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Saeidi Al Moustafa, a resident of Hrar-Akkar, grows herbs and aromatic plants and sells them. She wants to use simple technology to grow these plants off season. She decided to construct a plastic greenhouse.  Saeidi has already bought water tanks, a mill, and other agricultural tools and equipment. She needs help with the purchase of the greenhouse. Her project which she named DREAM will help her contribute to three sustainable development goals (SDGs): Good health, Economic growth, and Gender equality.

How is this envisioned?

Saeidi’s use of a greenhouse to grow her plants will allow her to expand her business and encourage more people to improve and diversify their diets by cooking traditional recipes with wild edible plants and preparing herbal drinks. The business would be a step forward in the direction of sustainable economic growth. Saeidi is currently working alone but hopes to employ a few women as her business expands. This women run initiative will create employment for women.

Saeidi needs funds in the amount of 2757 USD to purchase the greenhouse metal frame and cover and to hire labor to help her install and set up the operation.

Make your donations and turn Saeidi’s “DREAM” into a reality.

Phases Description Cost Duration
Phase1 Land clearing,plastic house installation,cultivation (Labor included) 1,502 USD 5 days
Phase2 Installation for water cistern and drip irrigation system (Labor included),startup operation 1,255 USD 5 days


Materials required to complete the project


Material Quantity Unit price Total price
Plastic house 1 2,100 USD 2,100 USD
Water cistern 4000 liters 1 200 USD 200 USD
Water hose 50 meters 20 USD 20 USD
Water dripping system 400 meters 35 USD 35 USD
Switching keys 10 3 USD 30 USD
Total     2,385 USD


Labor cost required to complete the project


Crafts needed Number of working days needed Cost per day Total cost
Land clearing and cultivation 3 Hours Cost per hour 33 USD 99 USD
Installation of plastic house and drip irrigation system 8 Days 30 USD 240 USD
Plumber 1 Day 33 USD 33 USD
Total     372 USD


Project Cost


The estimated total cost of material needed to complete the project 2,385 USD
The estimated labor cost required to complete the project 372 USD
Legal papers cost N/A
Total estimated cost for the project 2,757 USD

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