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Al-Mouna Rural Association-Crafts & Heritage

Al-Mouna Rural Association-Crafts & Heritage


Halima Al Houjairi, a resident of Arsal, is keeping the carpet weaving tradition alive in the town of Arsal which has around 35 000 sheep. She is leading Al-Mouna Rural Association, an organization that seeks to revive this ancient craft, preserve the local culture, use the wool to help the local economy, and provide employment to women.

The workshop is fully equipped and functional but the women cannot work in the winter because it is too cold and humid. Arsal is above 1500 m altitude and winter temperatures can go down to zero degree Celsius. Halima is asking for funds to install a heating system so that women can work during the cold weather. Her project contributes to three sustainable development goals (SDGs): No poverty, Gender equality, and Decent work and economic growth.

Many families gain their primary income through this town-based craft which also supports the herders, wool producers, and women working on carpet weaving.

You can also purchase a unique handwoven rug to support this tradition by contacting the organization at +961 3 110802

Phases Description Cost Duration
Phase 1 Wood cladding 1,878 USD 12 days
Phase 2 Installation of heater and cistern 1,878 USD 1 day


Materials required to complete the project


Material Quantity Unit cost Total cos
Wood shingles 120 (square meters) 18 USD 2,160 USD
Heater Diesel-fuel (Olmar) 1 600 USD 600 USD
Pipes 6 6 USD 36 USD
Plastic cistern capacity 1000 litters 1 190 USD 190 USD
Connecting pipes 1 10 USD 10 USD
faucet 1 10 USD 10 USD
Total     3,006 USD


Labor cost required to complete the project


Labor needed Number of working days needed Cost per day Total cost
Carpenter with one worker 12 60 USD 720 USD
Heater installation worker 1 30 USD 30 USD
Total     750 USD


Project Cost


The estimated total cost of material needed to complete the project 3,006 USD
The estimated labor cost required to complete the project 750 USD
Legal papers cost N/A
Total estimated cost for the project 3,756 USD

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